Below you will find some useful information about how to reach the house, house rules and manuals for basic machines.

How to get to Villa Eftihia

There are two entrances for the village. The easiest way to reach the villa is to go to the main square of Lindos, where there is a big tree in the middle, (Villa Eftihia on Google Maps)

If you are driving the car, we advise you to leave all the passengers and suitcases in the square before you park the car to the parking area.

From the main square head to the heart of the village (there is only one road), then turn right where the bank/donkey station is. After about 150 meters you will see Villa Eftihia on your left hand.

Main entrance of Villa Eftihia in Lindos

Walk down the steps and leave everyone with suitcases waiting there. Then, find the door with the smart door lock on it, on the side of the villa.

This is the side door of the villa with the smart lock on it.

On the kitchen table you will find the keys.

Enter your code and open the door. Enter into the kitchen, walk inside 

and find the keys on the kitchen table or hanging above the old typewriter.

Always make sure that door with the smart door lock is locked. You will understand it from the sound.

Smart door lock

Here are the instractions for the smart lock:

Lockly smart door lock manual

Important House Rules

 1) The most important rule of the house is to ENJOY THE HOUSE!

2) It is very important to remember not to throw paper or other stuff in the toilet. This is because Lindos is an old village, and all houses and village drain pipes are old and frequently they get blocked if people throw paper or other objects in the toilet. So PLEASE make sure to use the bins instated of throwing stuff in the toilet. 

3) If any damage happens or found, please report immediately.

4) Please throw your rubbish bags when they are full. There are big rubbish bins in the main square of Lindos. It is preferable house garbage to be thrown away daily to avoid insects coming inside the house.

5) Here is what to do in the rare case of wind or rain. In case of wind, please shut the outdoor umbrellas. If it’s raining, we would be grateful to put inside all the outdoor mattresses and pillows.

6) When you are not home, close doors and windows because cats, maybe, go inside.

Thank you for taking care of the house and watering the plants!

Jacuzzi Rules and Instructions

Jacuzzi Villa Eftihia in Lindos


Sand and sun oil is not allowed inside the jacuzzi, so always get showered before entering the Jacuzzi.

Please always put back on the cover when not using the jacuzzi.


On the screen, you can see the Celsius degrees of the water and which functions are on at the moment.

The jacuzzi has Bluetooth speakers called “Kingston” to enjoy music when relaxing in the jacuzzi. The popup speakers are located at the side of the wall, one on the left and one on the right. 

The control panel is easy to use. Just press once the button of your choice to begin or enhance the function (Lights, Jets 1, Blower) button and another time to turn it off.  The Jets 2/3 button first and second press turns on, third and fourth press turns off. The warm/cool button each press is increase/decrease Celsius degrees of the water.

Air Condition Rules and Instructions


Do not put air condition cool temperature less than 24 Celsius degrees. As it will never get to that, and it may cause fault to the machine.


Before using the air condition as all windows and doors has sensors. Make sure to shut them, else the air condition will not turn on.

Window mosquito nets

Keep all mosquito nets shut at all times, to avoid mosquitos and insects entering the house.

To shut the net grab it from the handles and bring it down slowly to the bottom where you will find there are two stoppers on the left and right corners, make sure is locked there.

To open the net, grab the handles, and push away from the stoppers, then slowly leave it to go up.

Please always softly, so they don’t get damaged.

Watch the first 35 seconds:

Wi-Fi code

The Wi-Fi code is written on the paper on the old typewriter which is in the kitchen.

Digital safe box

The initial code is 0000. Enter the code once to unlock. Then close the door, enter your own 4-6 digit code and press L button once to lock.

On your last day, do not forget to put back the initial code 0000.

Nespresso machine

 Here is a video on how to use the espresso machine:

Wicker basket

In the kitchen if you look up you will see a wicker basket hanging. Bring it down, inside you will find the visitor’s book. 

At the end of your holidays  in Villa Eftihia and Lindos please write few words in it.